RAFOPS is proud of its long history of successfully partnering with external organizations that share in our purpose to deliver breakthroughs that change clients’ lives. We engage in partnerships with innovators to push forward great science and continually seek new alliance partners that are actively researching bold scientific ideas, capabilities and technologies that have the potential to bring innovative solutions to clients in need. RAFOPS has several key areas of interest where we are looking to partner with others.

We are looking forward to working with you. In order to set you up for payment and agreement of services, we will need your support to work with our finance and procurement process.

Below is a checklist of all the steps involved from onboarding to payment.

To get setup to do business with RAFOPS, you will get an invitation via email from Coupa, to onboard as a RAFOPS supplier. Please register and complete the onboarding request.

All purchases at RAFOPS require a thorough Information Security, Legal, and Procurement review to ensure our suppliers are compliant with our minimum requirements.

Note: See below for more information on Quotes/Service Orders/Insertion Orders

PO approvals are only initiated when the contract is finalized (no more redlines). Once the PO is fully approved RAFOPS will route the contract for signatures. You will also be emailed a copy of the purchase order to the email you provided during the onboarding process. See below for additional information on Purchase Orders.

Note: RAFOPS has a strict “No Purchase Order – No Pay” policy.

RAFOPS will route finalized contract for signatures after the PO has been internally approved.

Suppliers should invoice within sixty (60) days of delivery of services or receipt of goods.

  • RAFOPS has a strict “No Purchase Order – No Pay” policy, please reference a valid PO number on your invoices
  • Review our Invoice Requirements to ensure invoices are complete before submission to RAFOPS

Payment will be processed on the next weekly payment run when due, only after invoices have been fully approved.

Note: RAFOPS’s standard payment term is net 60 days from date of invoice.

Should contain the information listed below:

  • Supplier Name and Address
  • RAFOPS Subsidiary – Bill to and Ship to Address
  • Payment Terms – Net 60 days from invoice date
  • RAFOPS Requester Name
  • Material or Service Description in details
  • Quotation Date and Quotation Expiry Date
  • Quotation Currency
  • Unit Price and Quantity
  • Applicable Taxes if any (VAT/GST rate and amount)
  • Applicable Freight Costs if any
  • Quotation should be in non-editable format like PDF

Note: We can not agree to any click through terms on these types of signature documents. In order to do so, we need to have them vetted through our legal team. Please indicate if we have a Master Agreement and we will point to the terms in that. If we do not have a Master Agreement in place, please refer to our PO T&Cs below.

Our policy requires a formal PO be issued by RAFOPS in advance for all work, projects, hardware, software and services ordered. Please make sure that you as a supplier always have or ask your RAFOPS business partner to provide a PO as soon as we request goods and services from you, and in advance of commencing work for RAFOPS.

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